Akhanda Kirtan
of Peace

Namaskar dear margi family!

At 5 am Kiev time 2nd march 2022 we have started 24 hours a day non-stop Akhanda Kiirtan (https://t.me/dmsonline) for the name of peace in the entire planet. End date — till peace in Ukraine ✌️💙💛

As the world descends into dark, painful divisiveness, it is more important than ever to affirm and strengthen the deep bonds of spiritual unity that connect us with each other and transcend the illusion of differences.

You do not have to watch this situation overwhelmed by helplessness, hopelessness or sadness. You can make a powerful difference in transforming the energy that generates conflict. Join us in singing continuous kiirtan, bringing together our brothers and sisters from all over the world in solidarity. Together we are generating a massive wave of collective spiritual energy to lift the consciousness of humanity.   Darkness can not be overcome with more darkness, only by light.

Help us to bring thousands, millions even of people together and flowing towards the One blissful, loving, infinite Consciousness that unites all beings and is our Supreme truth.

Thank you for your support
Tanmaya, Bhukti Pradhan of Ukraine 🙏

To join as participan:

1. Join telegram channel https://t.me/dmsonline

3. Participate in HPMG part when everyone participate as much as possible during:

а. 18:00-19:00 Kiev time (GMT+2)

b. 19:00-20:00 Kiev time (GMT+3)

4. Practice kiirtan as much as possible in Zoom

To register as
kiirtan player please:

1. Fill the registration form

а. Note: We received 350 kiirtan players registrations at the moment and started to ask to upload kirtan recordings to pre-screen and organize best possible kirtan players.

2. ⚠️ Join telegram group for Kiirtan players coordination (mandatory) ⚠️

3. Fill the schedule by selecting your name from in dropdown

а. Note: avoid violet slots, as they are dedicated for hand picked kiirtan players

4. Follor the🎙 Kiirtan player rules

To join
as moderator:

1. Fill the registration form

2. Join the coordination chat

3. Receive Training and follow the instructions

5. Follow the 👁  Moderator rules